I moved into a new house the other night, so that the daughter of the family who is visiting now from Canada with her 11 month old daughter can use the room I had been renting.  The worst  part about packing up and moving out was realizing how much stuff I have.  Add the books I got as birthday presents with the speakers I bought to throw a party and the clothes I’ve bought to work in an office and, well, I wasn’t going to be able to drag everything seven blocks.  So I asked a neighbor down the street for help, and I moved into my new house with a horse and cart!

I definitely am going to miss the family and beautiful house, but I like where I am living now as well.  Don Raul lives alone, and rents out two little rooms at the very back of his property.  It makes me reminesce about staying in Pinewoods cabins – theres a little path through a patio of banana and citrus trees, and once I’m at my room I can’t hear hardly any of the noise of the city.  I can use the kitchen whenever I want, I have a private bathroom, and my good friend Manu is living right next to me in the other room.  Luxurious.

The new header image is the volcanic range to the east of Leon.  It’s called the Cordillera los Maribios.  I took the photo looking out over the yucca field of a SosteNica client in the village of Tololar.