Among the lofty goals of mine to accomplish before I leave in 4 days (!!!) is to host a Thanksgiving-ish dinner with friends.  So, because we like leading a simple life without too many complications, Nick and I took an extra two hours out of yesterday to head on muddy paths 8 km beyond the city of Nagarote in search of a turkey.  We miraculously reached the farm of William Gutierrez, participant in the CEPRODEL Reforestation project, without taking any wrong turns and without getting stuck in the mud.

Williams kids ran around and grabbed various turkeys so we could compare weightsWilliams kids ran around the yard and grabbed the turkeys (chompipes) that were big enough to kill.

IMG_8241I compared the weight of a two different turkeys and selected the bigger one.  Jennifer, the youngest child of the farmer william, was very intrigued by the birds.  She was a bit upset once she saw the turkey in the back of our truck and realised that it was coming with us.IMG_8239












IMG_8227This the view of the volcano Momotombo from the main road that passes Nagarote.  I’ve been wanting to take this picture for several weeks now, as the sorghum has been slowly ripening and deepening in color.

Next post:  This afternoons task of killing the Chompipe.