Sadly I have no valient and gory photographs of the great Chompipe slaughter, because Mama Lily, the nice little lady who agreed to babysit our chompipe got up early and slaughtered it literally while I was at my house on the phone with my mom confirming some turkey details from the joy of cooking.  When we arrived, knives and details for boiling water all worked out, the bird was in in a pot and in the fridge.  And all without letting us know.  At least she didn’t cook it for us too!  IMG_8255So we just got on with our day, went to market, and celebrated a birthday party.  Making pumpking pie tonight to get everything ready for a nica thanksgiving tomorrow.


The man who sharpened our knives had a shop full of interesting trinkets made from old tin cans and aluminum.


black beans at the market














Carola (in the center with the sideways face) is the owner of the Olla Quemada, my favorite Leon bar, where I go salsa dancing every week.