There are alot of differences between our meal Monday night in Sutiava, Leon and Thanksgiving.  Supposedly the first Thanksgiving was a welcome to the arrival of the pilgrims from Europe to the new land, my dinner was a farewell after ten months of living in Nicaragua.  The original Thanksgiving might have had pigs feet and chicken tacos served as well, but if it did that part of the story was lost in history.  Our cranberry sauce didn’t have any cranberries in it, but we ate turkey.

My friend Melaña came three hours from a little village outside of Achuapa for the dinner. She seems like quiet shy person, but always seems to show up at the best parties!

Ceremoniously taking the turkey out of the oven - along with the supermarket chicken we bought after we saw how skinny the turkey was.

The turkey was clothed in bacon, a good decision since it didn't actually release much juice while it cooked.

There ended up being a nice variety of traditional Nicaraguan, American Thanksgiving, and English Sunday Dinner dishes.  The chompipe was a big hit and appropriately there was lots of recipe swapping happening during dinner.  There was a nice selection of people who I know from CEPRODEL, UNAN Leon, the Olla Quemada, and of course Melana from Achuapa.  Any excuse to eat good food brings folks together.