I never miss an oportunity to gloat about my compost.  I took this picture while turning it.  This is well into the dry season, and you can see by the difference in color that the high content of organic matter in my compost pile maintains the humidity.

The visit of the SosteNica staff in Nagarote, at the impressive farm of Santiago Sabino.

Sometimes I just can´t hold back the national geographic urge.  I took this picture at a gathering of producers in Somotillo during a presentation on agricultural resources by a government extension agent.

Our display of certified organic sesame and sesame oil at BIOFACH 2010.  We decorated the display case with postcards with the image of a sesame flower painted by a Nicaraguan artist.

After BIOFACH we went to southern Germany to visit some friends.  We were lucky to catch lots of snow and clear days.  In the back you can see the Swiss Alps and Lake Constance.

Taking off from Friedrichshafen to fly to London, looking down on the Bodensee (Lake Constance)

The top of the enormous bay leaf tree in the back garden of Nick’s parent’s house where we stayed in London.  Lovely gray and sleety cold London.  The tree was amazing, we added bay leaves to everything we cooked, and ate amazing soups and pasta sauces all week.