Nicaraguan easter egg decorating; a friend who dances with a National Folkdance troupe painted this one.  Easter eggs are not a tradition that made it into the mesh of pagan catholic celebrations, so I get lots of comments on the bough of painted eggs I still have hanging in the kitchen.

Another Easter tradition that León is famous for, painted sawdust carpets.  This one was made by the art students from a small art workshop down the street from my house, and won second place in this years municipal selections.  The carpets, or alfombras, stretch on literally for miles in the streets of the indigenous Sutiaba neighborhood, and are trodden on by a six hour procession that leaves the church at 5pm.

The worlds naughtiest cat up to who knows what. As a result the better half of those roof tiles we bought to fix the patio roof are busted…

A good reason to wash your dirty dishes right away….there is no water in this neighborhood often in the morning, but someone thought a blender with fruit shake remnants made an awfully good fly catching trap.  And wasn’t at all worried of becoming perrosanpopo smoothie.

We re-bagged some tired trees for the reforestation project, and uncovered nests of ants in the root systems.  Apparently their bites are as feirce as wasps, and by the end of the day we had rebagged 300 trees and my hands and wrists were swollen, and didn’t return to normal until the following day.